Campbell University
Buies Creek, North Carolina

Men's Dormitory
Laundry Building Smoke Stack
Dining Hall
Capt. & Mrs. Gordon Campbell Residence
Dormitories and Duplex Units
Day Dormitory
Men's Dormitory
Layton Dormitory
College Expansion Project
Administration Building
Duplex #2 & #3
Gymnasium Building
Supply Store
Supply Store
Addition #2, College Library
Men's Dormitory
Addition to Gymnasium
Additions to Music Room
Alterations to Treat Dormitory
Alterations to Marshbanks House
Math Building
Renovations to Laundry Building
Addition to Dining Hall
Alterations & Additions to Dining Hall
Baldwin Dormitory
Courtroom for School of Law
Student Center
Student Supply Store
Study & Recommendation for Renovations to Kivett Building
Visiting Team Quarters
Alterations to Admissions Building
Marshbanks Dining Hall Toilets
Murray Dormitory - Toilet Renovations - 1995 (Programming)
Sauls Dormitory - Toilet Renovations - 1995 (Programming)
Marshbanks Dining Hall - Renovations and Additions - 1995
D. Rich Auditorium - Renovations - 1995

Duke University
Durham, North Carolina

General Renovations
Epworth Dormitory
Jarvis Dormitory
Benefits & Records Office
Employment Offices
Roofing Replacement/Repair and Specialty Waterproofing
East Duke Building
West Duke Building
Alspaugh Dormitory
Crowell Quad Dormitory
Craven Quad Dormitory
Social Science Building
Kilgo Dormitory
Pegram Dormitory
Wilson House
Carr Dormitory
Giles Dormitory
Bassett Dormitory
Brown Dormitory
Allen Building
Biological Sciences
Card Gymnasium
Few Quad Dorm
Few Quad Equipment Building
Gray Building
Hanes House
Old Chemistry
Perkins Building
Physics Building
Townhouse Apartments
Trent Drive Hall
Union Building

Duke University Medical Center
Durham, North Carolina

Additions and Renovations
Bell Building Laboratory Additions
Bell Bldg. Renov./Sec. No. 4, Rooms 262, 263, 263A, 321, 322
Cardiovascular Laboratory Renovations/Duke South
Clinical Chemistry/Bell Building
Coronary Recovery Unit Renovations
Cytopathology Laboratory Renovations
Cystology Laboratory /Duke South Renovations
Discharge Patients' Lounge
Duke South - Rooms M428-M431
Erickson Laboratory/Duke South
Eye Center Renovations
Graduate Center Renovations
Gross Anatomy Morgue Renovations
Hemodialysis Center Addition
Hospital Administration/Hemodialysis Center Addition
Medicine/CRII - Pulmonary Laboratory Renovations
Morgue Renovations/Bell Building
Nursing School/Hanes House
Optical Lens Shop/Duke North
Pathology Department Renovations/Davison Building
Pharmacology/Bell Building
Pharmacology/Naneline Building
Physiology Renovations/Naneline Building
Psychiatry/CRII-Room 453 Renovations
Radiology/Hospital Logetronics Laboratory Renovations
Renal Dialysis Center
Radiology/Hospital Logetronics

North Carolina Central University
Durham, North Carolina

B. N. Duke Auditorium Renovations
Cafeteria/Kitchen Renovations
Career Counseling Center Renovations
Classroom Building Renovations
Dining Hall Renovations
Education Building Renovations
Home Economics/Food/Textile Laboratory Renovations
Maintenance Shop/Storage Addition and Renovations
Men's Dormitory Renovations
Physical Educational Facilities Renovations
President's Home
Science Building Renovation
Senior Women's Dormitory
Swimming Pool Renovations
Gymnasium Renovations
Dormitory Repairs: Buildings No. 1 & 2 - 2004

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Saunders Hall Renovations
Hill Music Building Renovations
Swain Hall - T.V. Station Renovations

University of North Carolina - Greensboro
Greensboro, North Carolina

Exterior Renovations and Additions
Quad Dormitories (7 Buildings)
Jackson Library - Handicap Access Addition
Roof Replacement
Quad Dormitories (7 Buildings)
Mary Foust Dormitory
Phillips - Hawkins Dorm
Laundry Building
McIver Building
Park Gymnasium
Deferred and Preventive Maintenance
Aycock Auditorium
McIver Building
Forney Building
Jackson Library<
Barrier Removal/Life Safety
Elliott Student Center - Elevator Addition
Elliott Student Center - Fire Alarm/Smoke Detection
Jackson Library

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