Person Memorial Hospital
Renovations & Additions
Roxboro, NC

Company History

Sears, Hackney, Keener & Williams, Inc. (SHKW, Inc.), founded in 1932 as an architectural proprietorship under the direction of George F. Hackney, has matured and grown to become a proficient architectural practice located in Cary, North Carolina. With our accumulated experience in the design and construction process, we have become responsible for the planning and design of a diversified range of building types for clients at all levels of state and local government, in both public and private institutions, and in the private sector.

The accumulation of sixty (60) years of experience in the production of the built environment has given us an appreciation for the influence of tradition and an understanding of our clients' need for commitment and attention from the Designer to provide experienced, dedicated, and comprehensive services throughout the design and construction process. Categories of expertise include educational facilities, health care facilities, industrial facilities, public safety facilities, religious facilities, complex renovations, roof restoration/replacement, and project administration.

Because of our experience, we are frequently called upon to assist our clients in solving difficult problems, to offer perspective to planned programs, and to assist in planning and program development. We are comfortable with technically demanding work and complex projects, both large and small, and treat each opportunity with the same high priority.

We carefully select our consultants in concert with our client's specific needs, enabling us to offer not only a broad spectrum of architectural and engineering services, but also the unique opportunity for services tailored to meet the demands of the project.


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